Then vs Now

Then vs Now

I’ve been competing in or following this sport for 15 years. In the beginning, I was going to be a raw zealot. Then, I started reading and following some lifters on a few message boards (long before Facebook or YouTube). I would read stories by Mike Miller, Brent Mikesell and several others and I was hooked. I wanted to lift those crazy weights too. The shittiest part of this is nobody from this era will even know who those names are. I call this the Instagram era of lifting. People care more about increasing their damn followers then their fucking totals. That’s so damn stupid. 

Back then, you would go to a meet and everyone competed against everyone. You didn’t wear a suit? Fine, guess what fuck stick, you came to a gun fight unarmed. There were still your basic trophy hunters lifting in 26 damn divisions in one fucking day. The, “Men’s 242 age 46 with a mustache, lefthanded, BBW porn watching, dope smoker without inhaling class” or some shit like that. Of course, there was the “gear is cheating” crowd back then too, but again it didn’t matter. There were some shit lifts passed but that goes back to the beginning of the sport. Now you motherfuckers think you get extra pounds for your ass touching the floor, YOU DONT!!!! Again, it’s all about looking cool and playing a part online, not the number. I used to tell a former lifting partner of mine that no one gives one fuck about what you wear, what you take, or what you weighed; they only care about the number. Well, that’s not the case anymore. We hardly wore long fucking socks before 2009 now these bitch asses have socks, shoes, singlets that all fucking match. I think metrosexual people call that accessorizing or some bull shit. 

I lifted in what I felt was the best era.  Gary Frank went 2800. It took several years for people to come close. My good friend Donnie T finally went 2850,2900 and 3000 in 2011. You think he gave a shit who followed him on Instagram? Fuck no. When I really got started, he took me under his wing, along with Spud Bartley, and taught me how to use a bench shirt. I did shirt work then they made me jump in and do a second max effort lift. I got my ass kicked that day. Immediately, I knew that my athletic club wasn’t going to cut and started my first garage gym. Going to meets were like going to outlaw biker rallies. Big bad ass fucking dudes and they would all give advice and help with anything. I tried to compete in my first meet in a long time after a lay-off and I was shocked. There weren’t hardly any fucking real lifters there. I’ve seen more fucking coordinated outfits than I would have if I was at a damn fashion show. It was like what the fuck happened? I warned you assholes back in 2012 if this shit ever got popular it would kill what we loved about doing this stupid shit. You just don’t see people in the sport 8 or more years anymore. Main stream marketing has shifted the cult sport I love to the cool things to do. 

I remember being at the Arnold watching Chuck V warm up in 2006. Fast forward to me at the Arnold now and only a handful of you bastards would’ve been able to stick around back then. Bunch of damn geeks. Don’t get me wrong, in this crowd there are some strong lifters but how long will they hang? Injury will happen. You push and your body will break. These assholes will be out like a fat kid in dodgeball. I’m not the toughest fucking guy, but I’ve blew a muscle out squatting and had to stop there only to wrap up and go pull instead. Stupid shit like that happened all the time. Was it right or smart? Probably not, but for me and my era of lifters this shit means something different to us. I don’t have much good out of the gym. I’ve made stupid decisions with women trying to find balance, but like the site says, I’m a damn degenerate. 

Then these same mother fuckers want to sell training online. What in the actual fuck? Imma break this shit down hot and fast for you. If you haven’t been in the sport for 5 years you have no fucking business training people. A sumbitch pays me to write them a program for a meet, that mother fucker is going to get all I have in order to hit their best numbers. Not some cookie cutter bullshit. If your ‘client’ has a tweak in training, which will happen eventually, and you haven’t been in this shit for some time, you’ll have no idea how to train them around it to have a good day. I’ve trained a few people and I’ve received every damn dime I’ve asked for which is fucking zero! I’ve never asked for a cent to help a serious lifter. I’ve helped some people hit numbers they thought were impossible and in a short time. Why not ask for a dime? Because when I started, the top guys loved to help. I had advice given to me by Dave Tate, Louie, Spud, Donnie, Hoff, Vin Dizenzo, and so many more I can’t count. They did it because they wanted to see this shit grow. 

The sport may be bringing new people in, but how many of them stick? What about the numbers that haven’t moved at fucking all? I’ll probably end up a broken cripple, but two things are for sure: I’ll still love the way we used to lift and I’ll have a hard on :). Quit worrying about your damn follower count and worry about your fucking total! 

Urban Commando