Cara Gibson

The Savage Warrior!

Cara Gibson
The Savage Warrior!

#savage #beast #warrior #war ... I am 100% positive that every time you open your phone and check your social media you see these hashtags being thrown around. I am also 100% positive that comparing lifting weights to going to war makes you a cuck.

KNOWLEDGE BOMB: since the Revolutionary War, there have been over 1.1 million casualties of US soldiers in the 12 wars we have been in as a nation*

KNOWLEDGE BOMB: In WWII, 12% of our entire Country’s population served. Today, less than 1% serve*

FACT:  With D-Day just passing, you should be embarrassed if you think that heading to the gym 3-5x a week compares you to United States military

Now, I digress. Powerlifting is not pretty; nor is it easy. It is a terrible hobby that we undertake to bring our bodies to the absolute edge with close to ZERO benefits. But, with that being said, let’s cut this shit out immediately. Some of you people wrapped in hundreds of dollars of SBD attire wouldn’t do too well in a street fight, much less the battlefield.

Please, do not worry, this isn’t only in reference to the SBD cult. This article is in reference to all the “powerlifters” out there talking about how tough their workouts are, how they “didn’t feel it” today, and especially how people do not ENJOY their lives because they’re too worried about their 1200# raw total/1750# geared total. Again, I digress. I recognize how difficult it is, I understand that this is a passion for most, and I know people put their heart and soul into this. Shit, I have been doing this for over 10 years and don’t have much to show for it besides a couple scars and some ugly trophies. However, that is not going to stop me from trekking forward, but more importantly it is NEVER going to stop me from living my life.

It is now story time – and I want you to think about which category you fall into, because if it’s that obvious, you are doing it WAY wrong.

Story One

First, we have Bobo. Bobo decides he is going to start powerlifting because it is the new cool thing to do. He reads up on it and decides he is going to dive all in. He gets all the best equipment, hires the best coach/trains at the best gym and really “lives the life”. What Bobo fails to explain is that he lives in his car, hasn’t had a real meal in two weeks and spends all his money on supplements. Bobo also has spent 15 months locked up and hasn’t paid his child support since 2011. He will though, make sure to let you know daily, how tough his training is, how he’s on the road to ________ and how he hasn’t spent a night out, enjoying life, in God knows how long. Bobo becomes a flash in the pan, gets hurt, no one hears from him and all he talks about is how good he USE to be.

Story Two

Next, we have Rocco. Rocco also decides he is going to start powerlifting. He trains his ass off with the help of numerous people and spends years competing as a professional with almost zero financial benefit. Because powerlifting doesn’t pay for shit, he works a full time job, pays all of his bills, pulls out properly, and makes sure to spend time with his family and friends enjoying a multitude of Tito’s with a side of steak. Rocco, after years, is still competing at a high level, he climbs his way to the top of some All-time lists and is reach of doing some pretty big things.

My question to you is this: who do you relate to more? Are you Bobo or are you Rocco? Do you sit at home watching other people’s YouTube and Instagram posts, talking shit about how you could do that if you “had more time” or “upped your dose”? Do you hashtag about how much of #beast you are and how your accessory upper body workout tomorrow is like going to war? Or even worse, do you set up a GoFundMe page so you can pay your bills AND a trip to Nationals with 1500 other people?

Or are you like Rocco? Do you keep your mouth shut while you work your ass off providing for yourself and your family? Do you do the right thing day in and day out so that when it’s time to sit back and stop competing you can look back at what you’ve accomplished and be proud of it? Did you enjoy this time of your life with your family and friends eating, drinking, and doing stupid shit so you can sit back and tell your kiddies how great powerlifting USE to be?

FACT: If you’re not trying to live like Rocco you’re following the wrong people, doing the wrong thing, and when it’s time to hang it up, the only person that’s going to be disappointed is YOU.

Chris DF aka American Heart Throb