Jonathan Byrd


Jonathan Byrd

We are going to be short and sweet here, ladies and gentlemen. We compete in a sport that does not typically get recognition. If you added up all the time you spend in the gym during your last meet prep, it would add up to more time than some people have spent in a gym, EVER. 

So, you may be asking, “Why are you stating the obvious, douche?” 

Because as a “PROFESSIONAL” athlete, as some people like to call themselves, how in the world can you

claim you don’t know what’s going into your body? I promise, Trader Joes isn’t doping your almond milk.

This isn’t 2004 Gaspari – your preworkout DOES NOT HAVE TREN IN IT!

SACK THE FUCK UP! You cheated and got caught. Take your punishment and ridicule like an ADULT and move along. I am going to be honest, if you didn’t try and play the, “I have no idea how that got in there,” card and just admitted it, NO ONE WOULD CARE. But, you didn’t. You decided to lie for how long about being drug free and then got popped. Maybe if everyone was honest, there wouldn’t be so many handjobs running around slurping their “heroes” all over social media (Please see: @larrysbelt)

The end. 

PS – While you were NOT coming off before your last piss test, you should have told your boy to stay on,

because missing squats over 100lbs less this meet than his last is a BAD LOOK.

Chris DF