Jonathan Byrd

20 Things in powerlifting that have to STOP!

Jonathan Byrd
20 Things in powerlifting that have to STOP!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a numbers guy, and I LOVE lists. When I first found my way into powerlifting, I would spend hours on EliteFts reading posts written by some of the best the sport has seen: Kroc, Aichs, Kirschen, etc. But the shit that really resonated with me were the lists that Dave Tate used to put out. They were short, sweet, and to the point. PLUS, they didn’t involve a ton of reading, because honestly, who has time for that?! 

So in honor of trying to #makepowerliftinggreatagain I give you:

20 things I see in powerlifting TODAY that NEED TO STOP

(in no particular order)

1. Being born a MAN and competing against WOMEN

2. Continually bashing other lifters when you haven’t stepped on the platform since 2009

3. Coaches charging $500 a month

4. Federation “World Records” 

5. Doing ANYTHING with rollerblades on

6. A Jefferson deadlift 

7. A TWO man/woman/it deadlift 

8. Stone Cold Steve Austining beers because you hit a GYM PR 

9. Squats/benches with #fitgirls holding onto the side


11. Hiding a deadlift suit under a t shirt and shorts

12. Two-bar bench presses 

13. Yelling and screaming after a set of speed squats

14. Taking more pictures of yourself with your clothes off, than actually lifting weights 

15. Aggressive belt flips/throws/launches 

16. Laundry lists of why you “weren’t feeling it today”

17. Lighting things on FIRE and lifting them 

18. Speeding up your videos to make your lifts look faster

19. Lying about your supplement use and then getting caught

20. Barking, yelling, screaming, bashing your head against ANYTHING pre- lift 


Honrable mentions: 

A. Not trimming videos 

B. Saying that wraps/sleeves is “equipped” 

C. Using “boi” at any time


Upon looking at that list, you can really break all of that down into one of two categories:

Category 1 Fakes

Category 2  People caring more about followers than their numbers 

Both categories don’t make you any stronger, nor do they add any pounds to your total. We compete in a sport where NUMBERS matter. Not the number of followers next to your name on Instagram, but the number of your TOTAL. Today everyone wants to be an “internet personality.” Some of these people actually pay Instagram to make them a “public figure.”Guess what ladies and gents -> no one cares about your followers, no one cares about the dumb shit you do in the gym, and NO ONE will care about you when you get hurt doing DUMB ASS SHIT. 

You want to be “IG FAMOUS?” Get strong and put out a big ass total. You’re no longer competing? That’s OKAY! But if you’re a coach, put out quality info, and make sure your lifters are getting stronger. But, do NOT come on my news feed talking stupid ass nonsense that makes you look like an idiot! 

Please, oh please, bring me back to powerlifting 10 years ago before they cucks came into my sport and turned it into a circus. Give me back Coan, Volgepohl, Goggins, and Thompson and keep your fucking Wheels, Castleberry, and Finn PLEASE.

                                                                                                                                               Chris DF