Jonathan Byrd

4 Musts of a Strength Coach

Jonathan Byrd
4 Musts of a Strength Coach

Here’s a quickie for you mutants…..

If you are going to call yourself a Strength Coach…then BE ONE! Don’t write a
program, and then let it sit there on some nice card stock and let it be filled in. Be a damn coach! Adjust and adapt as time goes on. Adjust and adapt on a regular
basis. Here are the biggest things I see in the industry now. BTW, these experiences
take place in school programs, pro programs, globo-gyms, performance centers, and
a bunch of little boutique bullshit facilities that think they have a hold on shit.

1. If you are working with athletes that are NOT playing, but are in-season, then
adjust what they are doing. It isn’t maintenance for them anymore. They
need to get stronger and better anyway they can. If it’s a contact sport, then
be smart with when. If it’s a speed sport, then be careful with the volume. If
it’s a multiple competition per week sport, then be careful of the frequency.
BUT, for fucks sake, adjust so those that aren’t playing get better athletically

2. Oh…you know how do deal with injuries. “Tuesday is back squats…so they
can front squat because their shoulder can’t mobilize with a bar on their
back.” REALLY AHOLE? How about INVEST in the program. Get a SSB or a
Cambered bar, or a specialty bar that will allow it to work. Oh, you’re NOT in
charge of the budget???? So go break doors down. Go on craigslist, go on fb
market, go fight for your cause because it’s necessary in your room!!!!! MAKE

3. Back to maintaining. That’s NOT your only thing to do. Maintaining is an
excuse to get weaker and be OK with it. So, buy into the culture. Be just as
strong game 1 as game 12 to game 32!!!! Know how to control CNS
stimulation and how to adapt it to keeping your athletes powerful and strong
while NOT tapping them out. Work Capacity is not the only way to keep
someone strong. Get their brain to work better and more efficiently.

4. COACH YOUR ATHLETES TO EAT RIGHT. Don’t just hand something out and
say follow this. Get your ass into school or into their homes (figuratively) and
make sure they are feeding and fueling. If you’re in a school, then walk
around the halls during locker breaks and lunch periods. If you’re in the
private sector, tell your athletes and folks to take pics of their meals so you
can see them. If you do it from a distance, because you KNOW how many
awesome distance douches are out there, ask them for pics random times.
There are so many more things to discuss, but these are some in your face ones that
I see all the time being done completely wrong. Coaches preach what they do, rather
than what should be done for their athletes. Then he or she posts it on social media,
and it’s awesome. Yet, they’ve worked with 7 people in a year and all are one on one.